Clamper Circuit MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Clamper Circuit”.

1. What is A, B, C and D to design a voltage doubler in the given circuit?


a) A=B=Resistors, C=D=Diodes
b) A=D=Capacitors, B=C=Diodes
c) A=Capacitor, B=D=Diodes, C=Resistor
d) A=C=Diodes, B=D=Capacitors

2. Consider the circuit provided. Total discharge time = 0.5 ms. Consider the diode to be an ideal diode, for a square wave input of ± 10 V, what is the percentage tilt? (C = 1MF & R = 50k Ohms)


a) 10%
b) 1%
c) 0.1%
d) 1.1%

3. Which of the following is not true regarding clamper?
a) A positive clamper adds a positive DC voltage
b) A clamper can also be called as a re-inserter
c) To reduce tilt, reduce the RC value
d) Negative clamper will clamp the positive peak of output to the reference voltage

4. Given input for the circuit is f = 1 KHz.


Diode cut-in voltage = 0.7 V


Output waveform:


For the given output, find V1 and discharge time?
a) 4.3 V, 1ms
b) 4V, 0.5ms
c) 4.3V, 0.5ms
d) 5.7V, 1ms

5. Considering a clamper circuit, where capacitance C, load R, the cut-in voltage of diode are unknown, which is the correct statement?
a) The DC level of the signal changes
b) The peak-to-peak value of signal changes
c) The shape of signal changes
d) The DC level shifts up

6. If input diode is an ideal diode. Which output waveform across R is valid for values of V1 from +2 to + 4 volts?










7. In the given circuit, given that C=2MF and diode cut-in voltage, Vγ =0. Calculate the average output voltage.


a) 2V
b) 4V
c) -2V
d) -3V

8. Tilt of output waveform for the circuit is 1%. Given that input is a square wave ± 10 V, f = 2 kHz, diode cut-in voltage = 0.7, what is the relation between C and R?


a) RC=20
b) RC=1/2
c) RC=2
d) RC=1/20

9. Choose the correct option for the relation between the two circuits.


a) Circuit (a) is a voltage doubler circuit, while Circuit (b) does not double the voltage
b) Both are similar and double the voltage to 2Vm
c) Circuit (a) is a doubler circuit with output +2Vm and Circuit (b) is a doubler with output -2Vm
d) Circuit (a) is a doubler circuit, while Circuit (b) is a clipper

10. Consider the circuit shown. The input is a square wave ± 15 V, for a silicon diode and an output voltage swing of 30 V. Choose the validity of the statement. If the value of resistance R = 10KΩ and capacitance C = 1MF.


a) True
b) False

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