“Cloud Datastore Enables You To Hand Off The Responsibility Of Running A Highly Scalable Document-Oriented Database To Google. From 10 Users To 100s Of Millions Of Users, You Will No Longer Need To Spend Time Optimizing, Configuring The Database, Updating It, Or Monitoring System Health.” Which Of The Following Concerns Is Addressed By This Cloud Datastore Value Proposition?

Here is the answer of the question: “Cloud Datastore enables you to hand off the responsibility of running a highly scalable document-oriented database to Google. From 10 users to 100s of millions of users, you will no longer need to spend time optimizing, configuring the database, updating it, or monitoring system health.” Which of the following concerns is addressed by this Cloud Datastore value proposition?

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Infrastructure costs

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