Code Converters MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Code Converters”.

1. The primary use for Gray code is ___________
a) Coded representation of a shaft’s mechanical position
b) Turning on/off software switches
c) To represent the correct ASCII code to indicate the angular position of a shaft on rotating machinery
d) To convert the angular position of a shaft on rotating machinery into hexadecimal code

2. Why is the Gray code more practical to use when coding the position of a rotating shaft?
a) All digits change between counts
b) Two digits change between counts
c) Only one digit changes between counts
d) Alternate digit changes between counts

3. Convert binary number into gray code: 100101.
a) 101101
b) 001110
c) 110111
d) 111001

4. Use the weighting factors to convert the following BCD numbers to binary ___________

0101 0011 & 0010 0110 1000

a) 01010011 001001101000
b) 11010100 100001100000
c) 110101 100001100
d) 101011 001100001

5. Code is a symbolic representation of ___________
a) Discrete information
b) Continuous information
c) Decimal information into binary
d) Binary information into decimal

6. Earlier, reflected binary codes were applied to ___________
a) Binary addition
b) 2’s complement
c) Mathematical puzzles
d) Binary multiplication

7. Why do we use gray codes?
a) To count the no of bits changes
b) To rotate a shaft
c) Error correction
d) Error Detection

8. The binary representation of BCD number 00101001 (decimal 29) is ___________
a) 0011101
b) 0110101
c) 1101001
d) 0101011

9. A code converter is a logic circuit that _____________
a) Inverts the given input
b) Converts into decimal number
c) Converts data of one type into another type
d) Converts to octal

10. Reflected binary code is also known as ___________
a) BCD code
b) Binary code
c) ASCII code
d) Gray Code

11. One way to convert BCD to binary using the hardware approach is ___________
a) With MSI IC circuits
b) With a keyboard encoder
c) With an ALU

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