Collector Feedback Configuration MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Collector Feedback Configuration”.

1. The Collector feedback configuration is better than __________
a) Fixed Bias Configuration
b) Voltage divider configuration
c) C.E. configuration
d) C.B. configuration

2. The Collector feedback helps to evade __________
a) Inverse Active mode
b) Pinch Off
c) Thermal Runaway
d) Breakdown

3. The Collector feedback is done by connecting a resistor from the collector to the __________
a) Emitter
b) Base
c) Supply voltage
d) Bias voltage

4. The Collector feedback configuration helps to stabilize __________
a) Bias voltage
b) Collector voltage
c) Bias current
d) Collector current

5. Due to the Collector feedback mechanism, the transistor remains always remains in the __________
a) Active mode
b) Saturation mode
c) Inverse Active
d) Cut-off

6. What kind of configuration is this?


a) Collector feedback
b) Base Bias
c) Self Bias
d) No bias

7. What are the effects on the output voltage if the Collector resistance increases in a Collector feedback configuration?
a) Not much effect
b) Bias voltage reduces
c) Bias voltage increases
d) Bias voltage doubles

8. If the current gain of the transistor is β, what is the stability factor pertaining to IC and ICO?


a) β+1/{1 + β * R1/(R1 + β)}
b) β+1
c) β+1/{1 + β * R2/(R1 + β)}
d) β+1/{1 + (R1 + β)}

9. What is the stability factor against VBE for the collector feedback configuration?
a) β/(Rc * (1 + β))
b) -β/(RB + Rc * (1 + β))
c) β/(RB + Rc * (1 + β))
d) -β/(Rc * (1 + β))

10. To keep the B.J.T. in the active region, what should be the relation between R1 and R2?


a) R1 >> R2
b) R1 << R2
c) R1 = R2
d) No such relation

11. From the base bias to the collector feedback configuration, the stability facto S reduces by a factor of __________
a) 1 + R1/(R1 + β)
b) 1 + β * R1/(R1 + β)
c) β * R1/(R1 + β)
d) R1/(R1 + β)

12. What is the condition of stability of the following circuit?


a) Highly stable
b) Poorly stable
c) Marginally stable
d) Unstable

13. The stability factors change from npn to pnp transistor.
a) True
b) False

14. If β = 100, what should be the ratio of the collector to base resistance for achieving insensitivity to β?


a) 110
b) 90
c) 20
d) 140

15. Why are we worried about β during the Collector feedback configuration?
a) To maintain a stable q-point irrespective of β
b) To increase the gain
c) To decrease the output impedance
d) To maintain a stable input impedance

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