Common Physical Nonlinearities MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Common Physical Nonlinearities”.

1. With feedback _____ increases.
a) System stability
b) Sensitivity
c) Gain
d) Effects of disturbing signals

2. By which of the following the system response can be tested better?
a) Ramp input signal
b) Sinusoidal input signal
c) Unit impulse input signal
d) Exponentially decaying signal

3. The term backlash is associated with:
a) Servomotors
b) Induction relays
c) Gear trains
d) Tacho generator.

4. In a system zero initial condition means that :
a) The system is at rest and no energy is stored in any of its components
b) The system is working with zero stored energy
c) The system is working with zero reference signal
d) Laplace transform is not possible

5. Hydraulic torque transmission system is analog of :
a) Amplidyne set
b) Resistance-capacitance parallel circuit
c) Motor-generator set
d) Any of the mentioned

6. The frequency and time domain are related through which of the following?
a) Laplace Transform and Fourier Integral
b) Laplace Transform
c) Fourier Integral
d) Either b or c

7. In a system low friction co-efficient facilitates:
a) Reduced velocity lag error
b) Increased velocity lag error
c) Increased speed of response
d) Reduced time constant of the system

8. Spring constant in force-voltage analogy is analogous to?
a) Capacitance
b) Reciprocal of capacitance
c) Current
d) Resistance

9. An increase in gain, in most systems, leads to:
a) Smaller damping ratio
b) Larger damping ratio
c) Constant damping ratio
d) Zero damping ratio

10. Static error co-efficient are used as a measure of the effectiveness of closed loop systems for specified ________ input signal.
a) Acceleration
b) Velocity
c) Position
d) All of the mentioned

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