Commonly Asked Interview Questions Answers 2022

1. Tell me something about yourself/ Introduce yourself?

Answer: This is one of the most common interview questions raised. This must be answered carefully and honestly. This is generally asked to know about you but not about your details.

Many candidates hesitate while telling this answer rather than telling their details of work and professional life.

 Nothing to be afraid of in this regard. You can always tell your answers by beginning with name, hometown and then qualifications especially your graduation and school life, hobbies, and then move towards your work experience and professional life.

This is the way you should cover the answer. If an interviewer asks you for some family details then you can answer otherwise it’s not mandatory.

2. What is your strength and weakness? OR What are your strong and weak points?

Answer: This question needs to be answered with proper attention as it’s quite a relevant question to convey a good impression from starting.

Strong points you can tell like discipline, punctuality, innovation and creativity, organic SEO writing, consistency, teamwork, coordination.

The weak points need to answer in such a manner that they seem like your strong ones or you can tell them there are a few areas in which you need improvement.

You can start this by quoting ‘ I have some areas of improvement like exploring new things and new writing formats is always my desire but couldn’t do successfully yet’. So, this answer must be handled carefully.

3. What was your role in your previous company?

Answer: This is the question raised in a content writer interview from those who have content writer experience with them. If you have written on different topics and formats then can add that as an experienced holder of such practices.

Apart from the writing part, you can also specify other responsibilities like collecting authentic data, proofreading, keywords search, URL suggestions, title tags, content selection and other related terms you can add.

4. Do you have examples of your previous work?

Answer: This question is asked to check the status of your work. We must keep handy all the records of our past work and write-ups in the form of articles, blogs, SEO writing, proofreading and so on.

Posting articles on various topics like technology, travel and tourism, food, education on varied sites like Hubpages, Buskia can work out to be very effective while answering these Content Writer Interview Questions.

5. Why did you choose content writing field / What motivated you to become a writer?

Answer: This is an interesting question for all candidates and pretty easy to answer. U can answer it in this way, ‘ I have had a keen interest in writing since my childhood and always want to explore more and more about writing skills and format to be unique.

 I got motivated towards this when I won the writing competition thrice in my school days. Writing good content is my passion.

6. Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?

Answer: This question is futuristic. One can answer according to his way and thinking power.

The answer which can impact listeners can be, ‘ I see myself a successful and recognized content writer with deep experience in a leading company who can write excellent content and help it to rank on the top in search engines.

7. Do you read books, what kind of books catch your attention?

Answer: Being a content writer, you must show your interest in reading books of popular writers and other categories.

Your answer should be, ‘ I love reading books based on different topics but I love reading about traveling blogs and books giving information about popular traveling and tourist spots as I love to explore. Apart from this, I have a great interest in reading novels based on real stories.

8. Why do you want to leave your current job and switch to new?

Answer: Be well prepared to answer this. I want to switch to get better opportunities in terms of packages, learning aspects, and the brand name of the company.

9. How would you promote the content once it gets published?

Answer: Every company whether big, small, growing, or start-up always wants their content to be promoted and responded to well. Indeed, all want their employee to be ideal candidate who is multi-talented and know the other basic areas of interest.

The following can be a good answer to this question :

• Sharing content through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.
• Reaching out to online influencers for promotion.
• Using other multiple channels to do marketing.

10. How many articles you can write comfortably per week?

Answer: It depends upon the capacity of the individual and the word count of articles. One should not lie while telling this simply to impress an interviewer.

Articles written in 500 words per week are equal to 1 article of 2000 words. So, u can tell exactly according to your skills, interests, and capability to handle the work assigned.

11. What do you mean by white paper?

Answer: White paper is an authoritative document and report intended to inform proper to the reader and organization about technical information. It conveys the complex terms into simpler ones that can be easily understood.

The frequency to write it depends upon the work of the organization. It explains how the technology works systematically.

12. What kind of format is used for sending information within an organization?

Answer: It is necessary to send information and communicate well inside an organization so, we generally use memos to send information and other communication purposes.

13. How can you contribute to our organization to grow?

Answer: This question is raised to know about the potential of candidates. One must answer by thinking it twice.

A possible answer to this: ‘ I always meet my deadlines and convey the information at the right time. I follow an approach that is simple and easy to comprehend.

Along with that, I m always interested to come up with my creative skills.

14. How will you manage feedback and criticism in the working environment?

Answer: The purpose of this question is to test and know about your behavioral traits and patience.

You should be confident that you write and publish the best content from your side, but, you are not stubborn to make changes. You must be flexible while these situations occur.

Possible answer: I understand that making errors is human nature.

Indeed, I make mistakes sometimes in understanding the expectations or the company’s briefings and information, but in such cases, I would always have to coordinate with my team members and follow suggestions by seniors to avoid mistakes in the future.

15. Do you prefer working in a team or independently?

Answer: This can be answered according to your experience and personal choice. Usually, a fresher in this field would feel better to work in a team where we can easily learn from others and discuss things.

An experienced person may prefer working independently as overtime one becomes a quick learner.

So, here we can conclude that content writer interview questions from a personal perspective, course-related, and others are discussed entirely. These all forms of questions are common and important in content writer interviews from all organizational points of view.

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