Construction Root Loci MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Construction Root Loci”.

1. Determine the centroid of the root locus for the system having G(s)H(s) = K/(s+1)(s2+4s+5)
a) -2.1
b) -1.78
c) -1.66
d) -1.06

2. The loop transfer function of an LTI system is G(s)H(s) =K(s+1)(s+5)/s(s+2)(s+3). For K>0, the point on the real axis that does not belong to the root locus of the system is
a) -0.5
b) -2.5
c) -3.5
d) -5.5

3. With reference to root locus, the complex conjugate roots of the characteristic equation of the O.L.T.F. given below G(s)H(s) =K(s+3)/(s+1)2, lie on
a) Straight line
b) Parabola
c) Circle
d) Semi-circle

4. The angles of asymptotes of the root loci of the equation s3+5s2+(K+2)s+K=0 are:
a) 0° and 270°
b) 0° and 180°
c) 90° and 270°
d) 90° and 180°

5. If a feedback control system has its open loop transfer function G(s)H(s) = K/(s-2)(s2+3s+5) has the root locus plot which intersects the imaginary axis at s =0, then the value of K at this point will be
a) -5
b) 10
c) 5
d) -10

6. The characteristic equation of a control system is given as 1+ K(s+4)/s(s+7)(s2+2s+2)=0. The real axis intercept for root locus asymptote is:
a) -2.25
b) -1
c) -1.67
d) 0

7. The intersection of asymptotes of root loci of a system with open loop transfer function G(s)H(s) = K/s(s+1)(s+3) is
a) 1.44
b) 1.33
c) -1.44
d) -1.33

8. The open loop transfer function of the feedback control system is given by G(s) =K(s+3)/s(s+4)2(s+5)(s+6). The number of asymptotes and the centroid of asymptotes of the root loci of closed loop system is
a) 4 and (-4,0)
b) 3 and (-12,0)
c) -4 and (-4,0)
d) -3 and (-12,0)

9. The OLTF of a unity feedback system is K(s+2)(s+4)/(s+5)(s+6) the angle of arrival of the root loci as s =-2, and s =-4 respectively are:
a) 0°,180°
b) 180°,0°
c) 90°,180°
d) 180°, 90°

10. The characteristic equation is s3+14s2+(45+K)s+K =0, centroid is located at (-x,0) then the value of x is ____________
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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