Digital Communications Processing

Digital Communications Systems

This set of Digital Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Digital Communication Signal Processing”.

1. Which circuit is called as regenerative repeaters?
a) Analog circuits
b) Digital circuits
c) Amplifiers
d) A/D converters

2. What are the advantages of digital circuits?
a) Less noise
b) Less interference
c) More flexible
d) All of the mentioned

3. How many different combinations can be made from a n bit value?
a) 2(n+1)
b) 2(n)
c) 2(n)+1
d) None of the mentioned

4. How many bytes does a gigabyte have?
a) 1 million bytes
b) 10 million bytes
c) 1 billion bytes
d) 10 billion bytes

5. What is the ASCII value of space?
a) 32
b) 48
c) 96
d) 65

6. Which block or device does the data compression?
a) Channel encoder
b) Source encoder
c) Modulator
d) None of the mentioned

7. What is the code rate?
a) k/n
b) n/k
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

8. Pulse shaping is done by which block or system?
a) Encoder
b) Baseband modulator
c) Pulse code modulator
d) Demodulator

9. Equalizer is used for?
a) Filtering
b) Diminish distortion
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

10. Source coding block is used for?
a) Compressing
b) Digitizing
c) A/D conversion
d) All of the mentioned

11. Which measurement considers phase as an important parameter?
a) Coherent
b) Non-coherent
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

12. The size of the alphabet M in symbol is calculated as?
a) 2(k+1)
b) 2k
c) 2(k-1)
d) 1+2k

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