Digital Integrated Circuits – 2 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Digital Integrated Circuits – 2″.

1. Small Scale Integration(SSI) refers to ICs with __________ gates on the same chip.
a) Fewer than 10
b) Greater than 10
c) Equal to 10
d) Greater than 50

2. MSI means ___________
a) Merged Scale Integration
b) Main Scale Integration
c) Medium Scale Integration
d) Main Set Integration

3. SSI refers to ___________
a) Small Scale Integration
b) Short Scale Integration
c) Small Set Integration
d) Short Set Integration

4. MSI includes _______ gates per chip.
a) 12 to 100
b) 13 to 50
c) greater than 10
d) greater than 100

5. Integrated circuits are classified as ___________
a) Large, Small and Medium
b) Very Large, Small and Linear
c) Linear and Digital
d) Non-Linear and Digital

6. The full form of DIP is ___________
a) Dual-in-Long Package
b) Dual-in-Line Package
c) Double Integrated Package
d) Double-in-Line Package

7. LSI means ________ and refers to ________ gates per chip.
a) Long Scale Integration, more than 10 upto 10000
b) Large Scale Integration, more than 100 upto 5000
c) Large Short Integration, less than 10 and greater than 5000
d) Long Short Integration, more than 10 upto 10000

8. According to the IC fabrication process logic families can be divided into two broad categories as ___________
a) RTL and TTL
b) HTL and MOS
c) ECL and DTL
d) Bipolar and MOS

9. LCC refers to ___________
a) Longest Chip Carrier
b) Leadless Chip Carrier
c) Leaded Chip Carrier
d) Large Chip Carrier

10. PGA refers to ____________
a) Plastic Grid Array
b) Pin Grid Array
c) Pin Greater Array
d) Plastic Greater Array

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