Diode Resistance MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Diode Resistance”.

1. In the volt ampere characteristics of the diode, the slope of the line joining the operating point to the origin at any point is equal to reciprocal of the _________
a) resistance
b) conductance
c) voltage
d) current

2. At room temperature (VT = 26) what will be the approximate value of r when n=1 and I=100mA?
a) 26 ohms
b) 2.6 ohms
c) 260 ohms
d) 2600 ohms

3. The static resistance R of the diode is given by __________
a) V/I
b) V*I
c) V+I
d) V-I

4. In the diode volt ampere characteristics what will be the resistance if a slope is drawn between the voltages 50 to 100 and corresponding current 5 to 10?
a) 5 ohms
b) 10 ohms
c) 50 ohms
d) 100 ohms

5. A diode will behave as an open circuit if the voltage in the circuit is less than __________
a) cut off voltage
b) saturation voltage
c) leakage voltage
d) threshold voltage

6. What will be the thermal voltage of the diode if the temperature is 300K?
a) 25.8 mV
b) 50 mV
c) 50V
d) 19.627 mV

7. In piecewise linear characteristics what will be the RF value if the slope is 0.5?
a) 25 m ohms
b) 50 m ohms
c) 2 ohms
d) 10 ohms

8. What will be the approximate value of thermal voltage of diode?
a) 25mV at 300K
b) 30mV at 180K
c) 25mV at 180K
d) 30mV at 300K

9. What will be the diode resistance if the current in the circuit is zero?
a) 0 ohms
b) 0.7 ohms
c) 0.3 ohms
d) 1 ohms

10. Which of these following is not a characteristic of an ideal diode?
a) Perfect conductor when forward bias
b) Zero voltage across it when forward bias
c) Perfect insulator when reverse bias
d) Zero current through it when forward bias

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