DRAM Refreshing Techniques

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Questions and Answers for Aptitude test focuses on “DRAM Refreshing Techniques”.

1. Which is the very basic technique of refreshing DRAM?
a) refresh cycle
b) burst refresh
c) distributive refresh
d) software refresh

2. How is the refresh rate calculated?
a) by refresh time
b) by the refresh cycle
c) by refresh cycle and refresh time
d) refresh frequency and refresh cycle

3. Which is the commonly used refresh rate?
a) 125 microseconds
b) 120 microseconds
c) 130 microseconds
d) 135 microseconds

4. How can we calculate the length of the refresh cycle?
a) twice of normal access
b) thrice of normal access
c) five times of normal access
d) six times of normal access

5. What type of error occurs in the refresh cycle of the DRAM?
a) errors in data
b) power loss
c) timing issues
d) not accessing data

6. What is the worst case delay of the burst refresh in 4M by 1 DRAM?
a) 0.4ms
b) 0.2ms
c) 170ns
d) 180ns

7. Which refresh techniques depends on the size of time critical code for calculating the refresh cycle?
a) burst refresh
b) distributed refresh
c) refresh cycle
d) software refresh

8. Which of the following uses a timer for refresh technique?
a) RAS
b) CBR
c) software refresh
d) CAS

9. What is the main disadvantage in the software refresh of the DRAM?
a) timer
b) delay
c) programming delay
d) debugging

10. Which refresh technique is useful for low power consumption?
a) Software refresh
b) CBR
c) RAS
d) Burst refresh

11. Which refreshing techniques generate a recycled address?
a) RAS
b) CBR
c) Distributed refresh
d) Software refresh

12. Which of the following uses a software refresh in the DRAM?
a) 8086
b) 80386
c) Pentium
d) Apple II personal computer

13. How do CBR works?
a) by asserting CAS before RAS
b) by asserting CAS after RAS
c) by asserting RAS before CAS
d) by asserting CAS only

14. Which of the refresh circuit is similar to CBR?
a) software refresh
b) hidden refresh
c) burst refresh
d) distribute refresh

15. Which technology is standardized in DRAM for determining the maximum time interval between the refresh cycle?

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