Emitter Feedback Bias MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Emitter Feedback Bias”.

1. For an emitter feedback bias circuit, the value of VCC = 10V, RB = 10Kohm, RE=1Kohm and RC=2Kohm, if current flowing through collector is 0.5mA, what is the voltage difference between collector and emitter?
a) 8.5V
b) 9V
c) 10V
d) 10.5V

2. For an emitter feedback bias circuit, RC is 10Kohm, Re= 5Kohm, RB = 1Kohm, If IC = 1mA, current gain is
a) 4
b) 2
c) 5
d) 6

3. For emitter feedback bias, to make IC independent of DC current gain, which of the following condition is required?
a) RC >> RB/dc current gain
b) RE >> RB/dc current gain
c) RB >> RC/dc current gain
d) Re >> RC/dc current gain

4. The feedback helps to maintain a constant gain value.
a) True
b) False

5. For an emitter feedback bias Circuit having, RE=1Kohm, RC= 4.7Kohm, IB=0.005mA, IE = 1mA, VCC = 12V and Vce = 5V. Find the value of beta.
a) 254
b) 100
c) 1000
d) 500

6. Among the following statements which one is true according to feedback bias?
a) Fixed bias is more stable than emitter feedback bias
b) Fixed bias produces more feedback than emitter feedback bias
c) Emitter feedback bias is more stable than the fixed bias
d) Fixed and emitter bias have same stability and feedback

7. What will be the temperature changes effects on the emitter feedback circuit?
a) Increases voltage gain
b) Increases current gain
c) Does not affect the gain
d) Decreases both current and voltage gain

8. Which of the following statement is the main disadvantage of emitter feedback bias?
a) Reduces the gain
b) Positive feedback
c) Design is difficult
d) High output impedance

9. In order to make an amplifier which of the following biasing technique is used more?
a) Fixed bias
b) Self bias
c) Collector to base bias
d) Emitter feedback bias

10. What will happen if a capacitor is connected in parallel with RE in the amplifier design which uses emitter feedback bias circuit?
a) No changes
b) Gain value increases
c) Feedback increases
d) Gain value remains the same but feedback doubles

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