Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory”.

1. The EPROM was invented by ______________
a) Wen Tsing Chow
b) Dov Frohman
c) Luis O Brian
d) J P Longwell

2. Address decoding for dynamic memory chip control may also be used for ______________
a) Chip selection and address location
b) Read and write control
c) Controlling refresh circuits
d) Memory mapping

3. EPROM uses an array of _______________
a) p-channel enhancement type MOSFET
b) n-channel enhancement type MOSFET
c) p-channel depletion type MOSFET
d) n-channel depletion type MOSFET

4. Which of the following describes the action of storing a bit of data in a mask ROM?
a) A 0 is stored by connecting the gate of a MOS cell to the address line
b) A 0 is stored in a bipolar cell by shorting the base connection to the address line
c) A 1 is stored by connecting the gate of a MOS cell to the address line
d) A 1 is stored in a bipolar cell by opening the base connection to the address line

5. The initial values in all the cells of an EPROM is ______________
a) 0
b) 1
c) Both 0 and 1
d) Alternate 0s and 1s

6. The major disadvantage of RAM is?
a) Its access speed is too slow
b) Its matrix size is too big
c) It is volatile
d) High power consumption

7. The check sum method of testing a ROM ______________
a) Allows data errors to be pinpointed to a specific memory location
b) Provides a means for locating and correcting data errors in specific memory locations
c) Indicates if the data in more than one memory location is incorrect
d) Simply indicates that the contents of the ROM are incorrect

8. To store 0 in such a cell, the floating point must be ______________
a) Reprogrammed
b) Restarted
c) Charged
d) Power off

9. Which one of the following is used for the fabrication of MOS EPROM?
a) TMS 2513
b) TMS 2515
c) TMS 2516
d) TMS 2518

10. To read from the memory, the select input and the power down/program input must be ______________
b) LOW
c) Sometimes HIGH and sometimes LOW
d) Alternate HIGH and LOW

11. Suppose that a certain semiconductor memory chip has a capacity of 8K × 8. How many bytes could be stored in this device?
a) 8,000
b) 65,536
c) 8,192
d) 64,000

12. How many addresses a MOS EPROM have?
a) 1024
b) 512
c) 2516
d) 256

13. ROMs retain data when ______________
a) Power is on
b) Power is off
c) System is down
d) All of the Mentioned

14. When a RAM module passes the checker board test it is ______________
a) Able to read and write only 0s
b) Faulty
c) Probably good
d) Able to read and write only 1s

15. What is the difference between static RAM and dynamic RAM?
a) Static RAM must be refreshed, dynamic RAM does not
b) There is no difference
c) Dynamic RAM must be refreshed, static RAM does not
d) SRAM is slower than DRAM

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