Error Detection and Correction MCQ’s

This set of Digital Communications Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Error Detection and Correction”.

1. Some various types of distortion are
a) Jitter
b) Noise
c) Aperture error
d) All of the mentioned

2. The distance between two code-words is equal to the _____ of the third code-word which is the sum of the first two code-words.
a) Size
b) Weight
c) Minimum distance
d) None of the mentioned

3. Which factors are measured using the units of lines per picture height?
a) Resolution
b) Sampling rate
c) Resolution & Sampling rate
d) None of the mentioned

4. Oversampling can completely eliminate
a) Aperture error
b) Non linearity
c) Quantization error
d) All of the mentioned

5. The minimum distance Dmin can also be given as
a) Dmin >= α + β + 1
b) Dmin <= α + β + 1
c) Dmin >= α + β – 1
d) Dmin <= α + β + 1

6. Sampling can be done for functions varying in
a) Space
b) Time
c) Space & Time
d) None of the mentioned

7. Hamming distance can be given by the number of elements in which
a) They are same
b) They differ
c) Which are non zero
d) None of the mentioned

8. Reconstruction of continuous signals is done using
a) Decimation algorithm
b) Interpolation algorithm
c) Decimation & Interpolation algorithm
d) None of the mentioned

9. Nyquist frequency is given by
a) fs
b) 2fs
c) fs/2
d) none of the mentioned

10. The number of errors that can be corrected without erasure information is
a) Dmin+1
b) Dmin – 1
c) (Dmin+1)/2
d) (Dmin – 1)/2

11. Noise which can affect sampling are
a) Thermal sensor noise
b) Analog circuit noise
c) Thermal sensor & Analog circuit noise
d) None of the mentioned

12. For better efficiency and simplicity, n should be
a) Maximum
b) Minimum
c) Zero
d) Infinity

13. Sampling can be used in
a) Audio
b) Speech
c) Video
d) All of the mentioned

14. Sampling of simultaneously two different but related wave-forms is called as
a) Over sampling
b) Complex sampling
c) Inter sampling
d) None of the mentioned

15. Error detecting capability is given as
a) Dmin + 1
b) Dmin -1
c) Dmin
d) Dmin/2

16. Code strength is characterized by its
a) Minimum distance
b) Maximum distance
c) Code weight
d) Code size

17. What is the bit depth used for audio recording?
a) 8 bit
b) 16 bit
c) 24 bit
d) All of the mentioned

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