Errors of ADC Technique

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Errors of ADC technique”.

1. Which signal is sampled at regular intervals for the purpose of ADC?
a) analog signal
b) digital signal
c) quantised signal
d) sampled signal

2. Which factor depends on the quantisation error?
a) number of error
b) number of bits
c) size of error
d) conversion process

3. Which is the first type of error caused during the conversion process?
a) sampling error
b) interrupt signal
c) counter error
d) quantisation error

4. Which of the following defines the number of samples that are taken in the time period?
a) sample size
b) sample nature
c) sample rate
d) sample frequency

5. Which of the following can determine the speed of conversion device itself?
a) sample rate
b) sampled data
c) sample size
d) sample nature

6. Which of the following can determine the maximum frequency that can be converted?
a) sample frequency
b) sample rate
c) sample size
d) sample nature

7. Which term determines the random timing error?
a) jitter
b) quantisation error
c) sample error
d) delay

8. Which of the following introduce a phase error?
a) conversion time
b) sampling rate
c) sample size
d) sample nature

9. Which of the following can generate an interrupt?
a) timer
b) trigger
c) delay
d) counter

10. Which filter is used for filtering out the high frequency components?
a) bandpass filter
b) band reject filter
c) analogue filter
d) digital filter

11. Which theorem describes the sampling rate with the frequency of the analogue signal?
a) Nyquist theorem
b) Bayes theorem
c) Sampling theorem
d) Parseval’s theorem

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