Experimentation of Transfer Functions MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Experimentation of Transfer Functions”.

1. For a type one system, the steady – state error due to step input is equal to
a) Infinite
b) Zero
c) 0.25
d) 0.5

2. The equation 2s4+s3+3s2+5s+10=0 has roots in the left half of s–plane:
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

3. The impulse response of a LTI system is a unit step function, then the corresponding transfer function is
a) 1/s
b) 1/s2
c) 1
d) s

4. If the Nyquist plot of the loop transfer function G (s)H (s) of a closed-loop system encloses the (1, j0) point in the G (s)H (s) plane, the gain margin of the system is
a) Zero
b) Greater than zero
c) Less than zero
d) Infinity

5. The transfer function of a phase-lead controller is given by
a) (1+aTs)/(1+Ts) , a>1 T>0
b) (1+aTs)/(1+Ts) , a<1 T>0
c) (1-aTs)/(1+Ts) , a>1 T>0
d) (1±Ts)/(1+Ts) , a<1 T>0

6. Given a unity feedback control system with G (s) = K/s(s+4), the value of K for which the damping ratio is 0.5.
a) 1
b) 16
c) 64
d) 32

7. Consider the function F (s) =5/s (s2+s+2) , where F (s) is the Laplace transform f (t). Then the final value theorem is equal to
a) 5
b) 5/2
c) Zero
d) Infinity

8. If the system matrix of a linear time invariant continuous system is given by
Its characteristic equation is given by:
a) s2+5s+3=0
b) s2-3s-5=0
c) s2+3s+5=0
d) s2+s+2=0

9. The LVDT is used in the measurement of:
a) Displacement
b) Acceleration
c) Velocity
d) Humidity

10. A system with gain margin close to unity and phase margin close to zero is :
a) Highly stable
b) Oscillatory
c) Relatively stable
d) Unstable

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