Features of Power Amplifier MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Features of Power Amplifier”.

1. The unwanted characteristics of amplifier output apart from the desired output is collectively termed as ___________
a) Inefficiency
b) Damage
c) Fault
d) Distortion

2. Unit of power rating of a transistor is expressed in ___________
a) Watts
b) KWh
c) W/s
d) Wh

3. The use of amplifier in a circuit is to _____________ for input signal.
a) Provide a phase shift
b) Provide strength
c) Provide frequency enhancement
d) Make circuit compatible

4. Which device was used for the amplification of audio signals before the invention of power amplifiers?
a) Diode
b) Op-amp
c) Vacuum tubes
d) SCR

5. Input stage of power amplifier is also called ___________
a) First op
b) Beginning stage
c) Front end
d) Normal stage

6. For a perfect power amplifier output power rating will be ________ if the output impedance is halved.
a) Halved
b) Squared
c) Doubled
d) Square rooted

7. Power amplifier directly amplifies ___________
a) Voltage of signal
b) Current of the signal
c) Power of the signal
d) All of the mentioned

8. Transistor in power amplifier is ___________
a) An active device
b) A passive device
c) A op-amp
d) A voltage generating device

9. Which of the following audio speaker will be hard to be driven by a power amplifier?
a) 4ohm
b) 8ohm
c) 12ohm
d) 2ohm

10. The power rating of the amplifier is 100watts then the transistor can only operate at ___________
a) Power higher than 100w
b) Power lower than 100w
c) Power near to 100w
d) Power lower than 200W

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