Feedback Connection Types MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Feedback Connection Types”.

1. In the following diagram, shaded portions are named A and B.

What are A and B?
a) A = Current sampling network, B = Voltage sampling network
b) A = Current mixing network, B = Voltage sampling network
c) A = Shunt mixing network, B = Current sampling network
d) A = Voltage mixing network, B = Current sampling network

2. Given that a feedback network is shunt-series, and output load is 10kΩ, what is the output voltage across it given that transfer gain is 10, source current is 20mA and feedback current is 10mA?
a) 1V
b) 2V
c) 10V
d) 20V

3. Which of these doesn’t refer to a series-shunt feedback?
a) Voltage in and Voltage out
b) Current in and Voltage out
c) Voltage Controlled Voltage Source
d) Series voltage feedback

4. Consider the circuit shown.

What is the type of sampling observed?
a) Shunt-Series feedback
b) Series-Series feedback
c) Shunt-Shunt feedback
d) Series-Shunt feedback

5. In which network is the unit of the feedback factor Ω?
a) Shunt-shunt feedback
b) Shunt-series feedback
c) Series-series feedback
d) Series-shunt feedback

6. Consider given circuit.

What is the feedback configuration?
a) Current series feedback
b) Current shunt feedback
c) Voltage series feedback
d) Voltage shunt feedback

7. Consider a voltage series feedback network, where amplifier gain = 100, feedback factor = 5. For the basic amplifier, input voltage = 4V, input current=2mA. Find the input resistance of the network.
a) 1.002kΩ
b) 1002kΩ
c) 2kΩ
d) 2000kΩ

8. A circuit can have more than one type of feedback.
a) True
b) False

9. Consider the circuit shown below.

Consider A: Current-shunt feedback
B: Current-series feedback
C: Voltage-shunt feedback
D: Voltage-series feedback
Which of the above are present?
a) A and B
b) A only
c) B only
d) A and D

10. In a feedback network, input voltage is 14V, feedback voltage is 6V and source voltage is 20V. β is in ohms. What is its configuration?
a) Shunt-Shunt feedback
b) Shunt-Series feedback
c) Series-Series feedback
d) Series-Shunt feedback

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