FET Pre – Amplifiers

Optical Communications

This set of Optical Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “FET Pre – Amplifiers”.

1. ____________ is the lowest noise amplifier device.
a) Silicon FET
b) Amplifier-A
c) Attenuator
d) Resonator-B

2. FET device has extremely high input impedance greater than _________
a) 107 Ohms and less than 108
b) 106 Ohms and less than 107
c) 1014 Ohms
d) 1023 Ohms

3. The properties of a bipolar transistor are superior to the FET.
a) True
b) False

4. Bipolar transistor is more useful amplifying device than FET at frequencies _____________
a) Above 1000 MHz
b) Equal to 1 MHz
c) Below 25 MHz
d) Above 25 MHz

5. High-performance microwave FETs are fabricated from ___________
a) Silicon
b) Germanium
c) Gallium arsenide
d) Zinc

6. Gallium arsenide MESFETs are advantageous than Silicon FETs.
a) True
b) False

7. The PIN-FET hybrid receivers are a combination of ______________
a) Hybrid resistances and capacitances
b) Pin photodiode and low noise amplifier (GaAs MESFETs)
c) P-N photodiode and low noise amplifier (GaAs MESFETs)
d) Attenuator and low noise amplifier (GaAs MESFETs)

8. PIN-FET hybrid receiver is designed for use at a transmission rate of _____________
a) 130 Mbits-1
b) 110 Mbits-1
c) 120 Mbits-1
d) 140 Mbits-1

9. It is difficult to achieve higher transmission rates using conventional __________
a) Voltage amplifier
b) Waveguide Structures
c) PIN-FET or APD receivers

10. Which receiver can be fabricated using PIN-FET hybrid approach?
a) Trans-impedance front end receiver
b) Gallium arsenide receiver
c) High-impedance front-end
d) Low-impedance front-end

11. A silicon p-i-n photodiode utilized with the amplifier and the receiver is designed to accept data at a rate of ___________
a) 276Mbits-1
b) 274 Mbits-1
c) 278Mbits-1
d) 302Mbits-1

12. What is usually required by FETs to optimize the figure of merit?
a) Attenuation of barrier
b) Matching with the depletion region
c) Dispersion of the gate region
d) Matching with the detector

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