First Null Beam Width MCQ’s

This set of Antenna Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “First Null Beam Width”.

1. If the HPBW is 30° then FNBW is approximately _____
a) 60°
b) 30°
c) 15°
d) 20°

2. Total beam area is sum of major and minor lobe areas.
a) True
b) False

3. Angular width between the first nulls or first side lobes is called as _______
a) half power beam width
b) full null beam width
c) beam area
d) directivity

4. If beam efficiency is 0.87 then the stray factor is ____
a) 1.87
b) 0.13
c) 1.30
d) 0.87

5. Relation between beam efficiency and stray factor is given by ____
a) ∈B+∈s=1
b) ∈B-∈s=1
c) \frac{\in_B}{\in_s}=1
d) ∈B+∈s=2

6. If the antennas revolution time is 10 sec and 3 dB beam width duration is 150ms then the antenna beam width is _______
a) 5.4°
b) 54°
c) 15°
d) 1.5°

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