Flip Flops – 2 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Flip Flops – 2″.

1. In a NAND based S’-R’ latch, if S’=1 & R’=1 then the state of the latch is ____________
a) No change
b) Set
c) Reset
d) Forbidden

2. A NAND based S’-R’ latch can be converted into S-R latch by placing ____________
a) A D latch at each of its input
b) An inverter at each of its input
c) It can never be converted
d) Both a D latch and an inverter at its input

3. What is an ambiguous condition in a NAND based S’-R’ latch?
a) S’=0, R’=1
b) S’=1, R’=0
c) S’=1, R’=1
d) S’=0, R’=0

4. One major difference between a NAND based S’-R’ latch & a NOR based S-R latch is ____________
a) The inputs of NOR latch are 0 but 1 for NAND latch
b) The inputs of NOR latch are 1 but 0 for NAND latch
c) The output of NAND latch becomes set if S’=0 & R’=1 and vice versa for NOR latch
d) The output of NOR latch is 1 but 0 for NAND latch

5. The difference between a flip-flop & latch is ____________
a) Both are same
b) Flip-flop consist of an extra output
c) Latches has one input but flip-flop has two
d) Latch has two inputs but flip-flop has one

6. The S-R flip flop consist of ____________
a) 4 AND gates
b) Two additional AND gates
c) An additional clock input
d) 3 AND gates

7. The characteristic equation of S-R latch is ____________
a) Q(n+1) = (S + Q(n))R’
b) Q(n+1) = SR + Q(n)R
c) Q(n+1) = S’R + Q(n)R
d) Q(n+1) = S’R + Q'(n)R

8. How many types of flip-flops are?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

9. What is one disadvantage of an S-R flip-flop?
a) It has no Enable input
b) It has a RACE condition
c) It has no clock input
d) Invalid State

10. When is a flip-flop said to be transparent?
a) When the Q output is opposite the input
b) When the Q output follows the input
c) When you can see through the IC packaging
d) When the Q output is complementary of the input

11. What is the hold condition of a flip-flop?
a) Both S and R inputs activated
b) No active S or R input
c) Only S is active
d) Only R is active

12. One example of the use of an S-R flip-flop is as ____________
a) Racer
b) Stable oscillator
c) Binary storage register
d) Transition pulse generator

13. On a positive edge-triggered S-R flip-flop, the outputs reflect the input condition when ________
a) The clock pulse is LOW
b) The clock pulse is HIGH
c) The clock pulse transitions from LOW to HIGH
d) The clock pulse transitions from HIGH to LOW

14. If an active-HIGH S-R latch has a 0 on the S input and a 1 on the R input and then the R input goes to 0, the latch will be ________
a) SET
c) Clear
d) Invalid

15. The circuit that is primarily responsible for certain flip-flops to be designated as edge-triggered is the _____________
a) Edge-detection circuit
b) NOR latch
c) NAND latch
d) Pulse-steering circuit

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