FM Stereo Multiplexing MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “FM Stereo Multiplexing”.

1. Which statement is true about Huffman code?
a) allow errors to be detected but not corrected
b) allow only alphanumeric data to be corrected
c) allow errors to be detected and corrected
d) allow alphanumeric data to be compressed

2. What is another name for VRC?
a) FEC
b) ARQ
c) Parity
d) Bits

3. What is the full form of PSTN?
a) Public Switched Telephone Network
b) Primary Switched Telephone Network
c) Private Switched Telephone Network
d) Protected Switched Telephone Network

4. What is required in SDLC to use flags?
a) Different flags at either end of a frame
b) FEC
c) Complex data bits
d) Bit stuffing

5. In amplitude modulation, magnitude of side bands is 2ma times the carrier amplitude.
a) True
b) False

6. What is the full form of POTS?
a) Private Office Telephone System
b) Public Office Telephone System
c) Primary Office Telephone System
d) Plain Old Telephone Service

7. Thermal noise shot noise and transit time noise is part of internal noise in communication.
a) True
b) False

8. If a digital data is not used to carry characters, then it is called as ________
a) graphic control data
b) binary data
c) character data
d) floating data

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