Full-wave Rectifier MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Full-wave Rectifier”.

1. A full wave rectifier supplies a load of 1KΩ. The AC voltage applied to diodes is 220V (rms). If diode resistance is neglected, what is the ripple voltage?
a) 0.562V
b) 0.785V
c) 0.954V
d) 0.344V

2. A full wave rectifier delivers 50W to a load of 200Ω. If the ripple factor is 2%, calculate the AC ripple across the load.
a) 2V
b) 5V
c) 4V
d) 1V

3. Efficiency of a centre tapped full wave rectifier is _________
a) 50%
b) 46%
c) 70%
d) 81.2%

4. A full wave rectifier uses load resistor of 1500Ω. Assume the diodes have Rf=10Ω, Rr=∞. The voltage applied to diode is 30V with a frequency of 50Hz. Calculate the AC power input.
a) 368.98mW
b) 275.2mW
c) 145.76mW
d) 456.78mW

5. If input frequency is 50Hz for a full wave rectifier, the ripple frequency of it would be _________
a) 100Hz
b) 50Hz
c) 25Hz
d) 500Hz

6. In the circuits given below, the correct full wave rectifier is _________









7. In a centre tapped full wave rectifier, RL=1KΩ and for diode Rf=10Ω. The primary voltage is 800sinωt with transformer turns ratio=2. The ripple factor will be _________


a) 54%
b) 48%
c) 26%
d) 81%

8. Transformer utilization factor of a centre tapped full wave rectifier is_________
a) 0.623
b) 0.678
c) 0.693
d) 0.625

9. If the peak voltage on a centre tapped full wave rectifier circuit is 5V and diode cut in voltage is 0.7. The peak inverse voltage on diode is_________
a) 4.3V
b) 9.3V
c) 5.7V
d) 10.7V

10. In a centre tapped full wave rectifier, the input sine wave is 250sin100t. The output ripple frequency will be _________
a) 50Hz
b) 100Hz
c) 25Hz
d) 200Hz

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