General Solutions-TE, TEM, TM Waves MCQ’s

This set of RF & Microwave Circuit Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “General Solutions-TE, TEM, TM Waves”.

1. If the wavelength of a signal is 10 mm, then the wavenumber of the material when a waveguide is filled with that material is:
a) 628
b) 345
c) 123
d) None of the mentioned

2. If a waveguide is filled with a lossy material then the expression for ∈ for that material is:
a) ∈=∈∈r(1-jtan δ)
b) ∈= ∈ₒ∈r (1/ j tanδ)
c) ∈=∈ₒ∈r/(1+ j tan δ )
d) ∈=∈ₒ∈r/(1-j tan δ )

3. Maxwell’s equation for electromagnetic waves in a waveguide is:
a) ∇×E = -jωµ(vector H)
b) ∇×E =-jωμ(vector E)
c) ∇×H=-jωμ(vector H)
d) ∇×H=jωμ(vector H)

4. If a waveguide is filled with a lossless material of relative permeability 2, then the wave impedance in the TEM mode is:
a) 188.5 Ω
b) 170 Ω
c) 123 Ω
d) 345 Ω

5. If p=0.3 and the wave number of air in TM mode is 16, then the intrinsic impedance of air in TM mode given wave number is 125 is:
a) 1 Ω
b) 0.9 Ω
c) 0.8 Ω
d) 2 Ω

6. The losses that occur in a transmission line is:
a) Conduction losses
b) Di-electric loss
c) Both of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

7. If the wave impedance of a medium is 200 Ω, then what is the relative permittivity of that medium?
a) 1.885
b) 2
c) 2.2
d) 2.5

8. If the intrinsic impedance of a medium is 0.8 Ω, with wave number 125 and β being 0.2, then the relative permeability of the medium is:
a) 1.326
b) 2.34
c) 4.5
d) 6.7

9. Which of the following is true regarding attenuation?
a) Conductor loss
b) Di-electric loss
c) Sum of both conductor loss and di electric loss
d) Attenuation is different from the losses

10. If the dielectric loss of a medium is 0.2 Np/m with a wave number of 12, then the value of loss tangent is:
a) 0.0334
b) 0.05
c) 0.08
d) 0.09

11. If the wave number of a medium is 20 and loss tangent is 0.4 , then the dielectric loss caused by the medium is:
a) 4
b) 2
c) 3
d) 6

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