Generation of VSB MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Generation of VSB”.

1. What is the approximated range of audio frequencies?
a) 20Hz to 20KHz
b) 20Hz to 200KHz
c) 10Hz to 10KHz
d) 20Hz to 20MHz

2. What is duty cycle?
a) ratio of time on to time off
b) ratio of time off to time on
c) 12 × (ratio of time on to time off)
d) 12 × (ratio of time off to time on)

3. Which of the following oscillator is not found in FM?
a) Hartley Oscillator
b) Crystal Oscillator
c) Armstrong Oscillator
d) Dynatron Oscillator

4. Which of the following is used for demodulation of PAM signal?
a) a band reject filter
b) a band pass filter
c) a low pass filter
d) a high pass filter

5. For demodulation of PCM, it is first converted into ________
a) PAM
b) PWM
c) PPM
d) FM

6. Which of the following modulation is used for radio navigation?
a) Pulse Modulation
b) Amplitude Modulation
c) Phase Modulation
d) Frequency Modulation

7. Which of the following is not a part of analogue communication?
a) PPM
b) AM
c) PCM
d) PWM

8. Inherently most noise resistant modulating system is _________
a) PCM
b) DSB
c) SSB
d) VSB

9. Frequency modulated broadcast band generally lies in ________
a) VHF
b) HF
c) SHF
d) LF

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