Google Ads Certifications 2021

Serial No.Name of CertificationCertificationsGet Assistance
1Google Ads CertificationsGet Assistance till you get the certification. >>Avail Now (6 @ $50)
1.1Google Ads Display CertificationAvail Now ($10)
1.2Google Ads Measurement certificationAvail Now ($10)
1.3Shopping ads CertificationAvail Now ($10)
1.4Google Ads Video CertificationAvail Now ($10)
1.5Google Ads Search certificationAvail Now ($10)
1.6Google Ads Apps CertificationAvail Now ($10)
2Google Analytics Academy
2.1Google Analytics Individual QualificationAvail Now ($10)
3YoutubeGet Assistance till you get the certification. >>Avail Now (4 @ $35)
3.1YouTube Music CertificationAvail Now ($10)
3.2YouTube Music Rights Management CertificationAvail Now ($10)
3.3YouTube Asset MonetizationAvail Now ($10)
3.4YouTube Content OwnershipAvail Now ($10)