Half-Wave Rectifier MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Half-Wave Rectifier”.

1. The below figure arrives to a conclusion that _________


a) for Vi > 0, V0=-(R2/R1)Vi
b) for Vi > 0, V0=0
c) Vi < 0, V0=-(R2/R1)Vi
d) Vi < 0, V0=0

2. What is the output as a function of the input voltage (for positive values) for the given figure. Assume it’s an ideal op-amp with zero forward drop (Di=0)


a) 0
b) -Vi
c) Vi
d) 2Vi

3. The diode in a half wave rectifier has a forward resistance RF. The voltage is Vmsinωt and the load resistance is RL. The DC current is given by _________
a) Vm/√2RL
b) Vm/(RF+RL
c) 2Vm/√π
d) Vm/RL

4. In a half wave rectifier, the sine wave input is 50sin50t. If the load resistance is of 1K, then average DC power output will be?
a) 3.99V
b) 2.5V
c) 5.97V
d) 6.77V

5. Efficiency of a half wave rectifier is
a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 40.6%
d) 46%

6. Transformer utilisation factor of a half wave rectifier is _________
a) 0.234
b) 0.279
c) 0.287
d) 0.453

7. In a half wave rectifier, the sine wave input is 200sin300t. The average value of output voltage is?
a) 57.876V
b) 67.453V
c) 63.694V
d) 76.987V

8. If peak voltage for a half wave rectifier circuit is 5V and diode cut in voltage is 0.7, then peak inverse voltage on diode will be?
a) 5V
b) 4.9V
c) 4.3V
d) 6.7V

9. If the input frequency of a half wave rectifier is 100Hz, then the ripple frequency will be_________
a) 150Hz
b) 200Hz
c) 100Hz
d) 300Hz

10. Ripple factor of a half wave rectifier is_________(Im is the peak current and RL is load resistance)
a) 1.414
b) 1.21
c) 1.4
d) 0.48

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