Hartley Oscillator-2 MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Hartley Oscillator-2″.

1. Which configuration of the transistor amplifier is used for Hartley oscillator?
a) Common emitter amplifier
b) Common collector amplifier
c) Common base amplifier
d) Combination of both common emitter and common collector

2. Phase shift provided by the overall tank circuit in Hartley oscillator is __________
a) 0 degree
b) 90 degree
c) 180 degree
d) -90 degree

3. If L1 and L2 are the inductance used in the Hartley oscillator, the effective inductance in the equation of frequency calculation is equal to (Without considering mutual inductance).
a) (L1×L2)/(L1+L2)
b) L22/(L1+L2)
c) L1+L2
d) L1-L2

4. The gain device in the Hartley oscillator act as a __________
a) Low pass filter
b) High pass filter
c) Band pass filter
d) Band rejection filter

5. Hartley oscillator make use of ________ amplifiers.
a) Class A
b) Class B
c) Class C
d) Class D

6. Example for a self-limiting oscillator is __________
a) Hartley oscillator
b) Weinbridge Oscillator
c) RC phase shift oscillator
d) Astable multivibrator

7. The phase difference produced by the active element of Hartley oscillator is __________
a) 0 degree
b) 180 degree
c) 90 degree
d) 120 degree

8. The Hartley oscillator is less preferred than due to Colpitts oscillator’s performance in __________
a) All frequency region
b) Mid frequency region
c) High frequency region
d) Low frequency region

9. What will be the oscillator frequency of Hartley oscillator if inductance L1, L2 are equal to 1mH and 2mH respectively and capacitor C is 10nF. (Neglect mutual inductance)
a) 50KHz
b) 29KHz
c) 40KHz
d) 57 kHz

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