Heat Sink for Power Transistor-1 MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Heat Sink for Power Transistor-1″.

1. What is the major principle behind heat sink action?
a) Avogadro’s law
b) Fourier’s law
c) Archimedes principal
d) Faraday’s law

2. Comparing high heat objects with cooling objects which one will have slow-moving molecules?
a) High heat objects
b) Cooling objects
c) Both of them have equal molecular movement
d) Cannot be predicted

3. What is the purpose of heat sink in transistor circuit?
a) Provide sufficient heat for transistor
b) Absorb excess heat from transistor
c) Keep transistor at desired temperature range
d) All of the mentioned

4. If water is used as a cooling medium then it is termed as _______________
a) liquid plate
b) aqua plate
c) hot plate
d) cold plate

5. Passive heat sinks are made of ________________
a) Copper
b) Aluminum
c) Iron
d) Zinc

6. Which of the following heat sink is more durable?
a) Stamped heat sink
b) Ball bearing type heat sink
c) Sleeve bearing type heat sink
d) Aluminum heat sink

7. Active heat sinks are also called as ___________
a) fans
b) on sinks
c) high sinks
d) normal sinks

8. Difference between the active heat sink and passive heat sink is that passive heat sink?
a) Possess mechanical components
b) Possess electrical components
c) Do not possess mechanical components
d) Do not possess metal components

9. Active heat sinks are less durable than passive heat sink because of the presents of __________
a) Complex electrical network
b) Non-metal components
c) Metal components
d) Moving components

10. Aluminum heat sink is also called ___________
a) Folded-Fin heat sink
b) Bonded-Fin heat sink
c) Sleeve bearing type heat sink
d) Extrusion heat sink

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