Hurwitz Polynomials MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Hurwitz Polynomials”.

1. The roots of the odd and even parts of a Hurwitz polynomial P (s) lie on ____________
a) right half of s plane
b) left half of s-plane
c) on jω axis
d) on σ axis

2. If the polynomial P (s) is either even or odd, then the roots of P (s) lie on __________
a) on σ axis
b) on jω axis
c) left half of s-plane
d) right half of s plane

3. The denominator polynomial in a transfer function may not have any missing terms between the highest and the lowest degree, unless?
a) all odd terms are missing
b) all even terms are missing
c) all even or odd terms are missing
d) all even and odd terms are missing

4. If the ratio of the polynomial P (s) and its derivative gives a continued fraction expansion with ________ coefficients, then the polynomial P (s) is Hurwitz.
a) all negative
b) all positive
c) positive or negative
d) positive and negative

5. When s is real, the driving point impedance function is _________ function and the driving point admittance function is _________ function.
a) real, complex
b) real, real
c) complex, real
d) complex, complex

6. For real roots of sk, all the quotients of s in s2k2 of the polynomial P (s) are __________
a) negative
b) non-negative
c) positive
d) non-positive

7. Consider the polynomial P(s)=s4+3s2+2. The given polynomial P (s) is Hurwitz.
a) True
b) False

8. The poles and zeros of driving point impedance function and driving point admittance function lie on?
a) left half of s-plane only
b) right half of s-plane only
c) left half of s-plane or on imaginary axis
d) right half of s-plane or on imaginary axis

9. The real parts of the driving point function Z (s) and Y (s) are?
a) positive and zero
b) positive
c) zero
d) positive or zero

10. For the complex zeros to appear in conjugate pairs the poles of the network function are ____ and zeros of the network function are ____________
a) complex, complex
b) complex, real
c) real, real
d) real, complex

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