Hydraulic Systems MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Hydraulic Systems”.

1. The scientific principle that makes hydraulic systems possible is
a) Pascal’s principle
b) Boyle’s law
c) Bernoulli’s principle
d) The fluid flow principle

2. Pneumatic and other power systems can support three kinds of motion; they are
a) Linear, reciprocating, and random motion
b) Linear, flowing, and rotary motion
c) Linear, zigzag, and spiral motion
d) Linear, reciprocating, and rotary motion

3. Heavy lifting work is often accomplished by shifting fluids in big machines. The power system of such machines can be described as
a) Reciprocating
b) Pneumatic
c) Hydraulic
d) Hybrid

4. A single acting cylinder can be pressurized externally from one direction only.
a) True
b) False

5. Series circuits work on both hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
a) True
b) False

6. The ____________________ converts the compressed air energy into mechanical energy in the form of linear movement in one direction only.
a) Piston cylinders
b) Double acting cylinders
c) Single acting cylinders
d) Hydraulic pumps

7. A one-way valve that lets air into the reservoir of a compressor, but doesn’t let it out, is a
a) Check valve
b) Receiver valve
c) Control valve
d) Three way valve

8. 5/2 way single solenoid valve has:
a) 2 ports 2 positions
b) 5 ports 2 positions
c) 5 ports 5 positions
d) 2 ports 5 positions

9. A _____________ restricts air flow.
a) Throttle valve
b) Shuttle valve
c) Directional control valve
d) Single acting cylinder

10. When the piston area of the cylinder is connected to the atmosphere, the piston of the single-acting cylinder is pressed by the spring to the ________________
a) Cylinder center
b) Cylinder down
c) Cylinder bottom
d) Cylinder upper

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