Ideal Diode Model-2 MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Ideal Diode Model-2″.

1. Find current I if voltage V = 5V, VB = 2V, R1 & R2 = 2K. Use ideal diode model assumption.


a) 1.5mA
b) 1.375mA
c) 2mA
d) 3mA

2. Find current I if V = 5V and -5V when VB = 2V, R1 = 2KΩ, R2 = 4KΩ and the diode is ideal.


a) 0A and 1.3mA
b) 1.231mA and 0.33mA
c) 3.25mA and 0A
d) 1.58mA and 0A

3. Find the voltage across the resistor R if VA = -3V and VB = -5V. Use ideal diode model assumption.


a) 0V
b) -3V
c) -5V
d) -4V

4. The output voltage V if Vin = 3V, R=5KΩ, VB = 2V in a ideal diode is __________


a) 1V
b) 4V
c) 3V
d) 2V

5. In the circuit below VB = 2V, Vin = 5V. The voltage V across resistor R in ideal diode is __________


a) 5V
b) 2V
c) 3V
d) 0V

6. In the circuit shown in below I = 2mA, VB = 2V and R = 2K. The voltage V will be _________


a) 2V
b) -2V
c) -4V
d) 1V

7. In the circuit Vin = 4V, VB = 3V, R = 5K. The voltage across diode V is __________


a) 1V
b) 4V
c) 3V
d) 7V

8. In the circuit below Vin = 4V, R = 2K and VB = 2V. In these conditions the voltage across ideal diode V is __________


a) -4V
b) -2V
c) 2V
d) 0V

9. In the circuit shown in below I = 2mA, VB = 2V and R = 2K. The voltage V will be ____________


a) 2V
b) 3V
c) 6V
d) 5V

10. For circuit shown below Vin = 3V, R1 = 6K, R2 = 2K. The voltage V will be ________


a) 3V
b) 0.75V
c) 1V
d) 1.134V

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