Inductance Comparison Bridge

Electrical Measurements

This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Inductance Comparison Bridge”.

1. Inductance comparison bridge is used to compute _________
a) unknown inductance and resistance
b) unknown resistance
c) unknown inductance
d) unknown capacitance

2. Ratio arms of the bridge consists of _________
a) pure inductances
b) pure resistances
c) pure capacitances
d) inductance and capacitance

3. Value of unknown resistance is found by using which of the following relation?
a) Rx = R1R3R2
b) Rx = R2R1R3
c) Rx = R2R3R1
d) Rx = R2R1

4. The value of unknown inductance is found by using which of the following relation?
a) Lx = R1L3R2
b) Lx = R2R1
c) Lx = L3R1
d) Lx = R2L3R1

5. Inductance control is obtained by _________
a) using R2
b) using R1
c) using R3
d) using Lx

6. Bridge depends on frequency.
a) True
b) False

7. Bridge can be used at audio frequency.
a) True
b) False


8. Bridge is used for the measurement of _________
a) high Q factor
b) medium Q factor
c) low Q factor
d) very low Q factor

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