Instantaneous Power MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Instantaneous Power”.

1. In inductor, the energy delivered by source is ____________ by inductor.
a) stored as magnetic field
b) dissipated in the form of heat
c) returned to source
d) stored as electric field

2. In capacitor, the energy delivered by source is ____________ by capacitor.
a) returned to source
b) dissipated in the form of heat
c) stored as electric field
d) stored as magnetic field

3. In purely resistive circuit, energy delivered by source is ____________ by resistance.
a) dissipated in the form of heat
b) stored as electric field
c) stored as magnetic field
d) returned to source

4. If there is complex impedance in a circuit, part of energy is ____________ by reactive part and part of its energy is ____________ by the resistance.
a) alternately stored and returned, alternately stored and returned
b) alternately stored and returned, dissipated
c) dissipated, alternately stored and returned
d) dissipated, dissipated

5. The time varying part in the equation of instantaneous power has frequency ________________ that of the frequency of voltage or current wave forms.
a) equal to
b) twice
c) thrice
d) four times

6. In P (t) equation, if θ=0, then P (t) =?
a) (VmIm/2)(1+cos⁡ωt)
b) (VmIm/2)(cos⁡ωt)
c) (VmIm/2)(cos⁡2ωt)
d) (VmIm)(1+cos⁡2ωt)

7. The equation of instantaneous power is?
a) P (t) = (VmIm/2)(cos⁡(2ωt+θ)+sin⁡θ)
b) P (t) = (VmIm/2)(sin⁡(2ωt+θ)+cos⁡θ)
c) P (t) = (VmIm/2)(cos⁡(2ωt+θ)+cos⁡θ)
d) P (t) = (VmIm/2)(sin⁡(2ωt+θ)+sin⁡θ)

8. Instantaneous power is negative, when the polarities of voltage and current are of __________
a) opposite sign
b) same sign
c) voltage is zero
d) current is zero

9. The average value of power if θ=0⁰ is?
a) VmIm/2
b) VmIm/2
c) VmIm/4
d) VmIm/8

10. At θ=π/2, positive portion is __________ negative portion in power cycle.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) greater than or equal to

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