Integrated-Injection Logic(IIL) MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Integrated-Injection Logic(IIL)”.

1. Integrated injection logic is a class of digital circuits built with __________
a) Single collector BJT
b) Double emitter BJT
c) Multiple emitter BJT
d) Multiple collector BJT

2. IIL has _____ noise immunity.
a) High
b) Low
c) Neutral
d) Nil

3. The full form of IIL is __________
a) Injection integrated logic
b) Integrated inspected logic
c) Integrated injection logic
d) Injection Inspected Logic

4. IIL is sometimes also known as __________
a) Single transistor logic
b) Multiple transistor logic
c) Merged transistor logic
d) Mixed Transistor Logic

5. The heart of an I2L circuit is the __________
a) Common collector open emitter inverter
b) Common emitter open collector inverter
c) Open emitter common collector inverter
d) Open Emitter Open Collector Inverter

6. In Integrated Injection, logic output is received through the __________
a) Emitter
b) Base
c) Collector
d) Base Emitter Junction

7. Integrated Injection logic cannot be denoted as __________
a) IIL
b) I2L
c) I2L
d) I TWO L

8. IIL was commonly used before the advent of CMOS logic by company ___________
a) Samsung
b) Nokia
c) Motorola
d) Apple

9. In Integrated Injection, logic input is supplied to the __________
a) Emitter
b) Base
c) Collector
d) Collector Emitter

10. When the outputs of two inverters are wired together the result is __________
a) A two-input NOR gate
b) A single-input NOR gate
c) A two-input NAND gate
d) A single-input NAND gate

11. Which company introduced one of the first consumer-grade digital watches (the Black Watch) which used I2L technology?
a) Cambridge Consultants Pvt Ltd
b) Sinclair Radionics Ltd
c) National Research and Development Council
d) Westminster

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