Introduction of Memory Devices – 5 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Introduction of Memory Devices – 5″.

1. To transfer the information from input to output and vice versa, the cells used are ____________
a) Storage cells
b) Data cells
c) Unit cells
d) Both data and unit cells

2. The communication between memory and its environment is achieved through ____________
a) Control lines
b) Data input/output lines
c) Address selection lines
d) All of the Mentioned

3. Each word consist of a sequence of ____________
a) Letters
b) Binary numbers
c) Hexadecimal numbers
d) Gray codes

4. When two or more devices try to write data in a bus simultaneously, is known as ______________
a) Bus collisions
b) Address multiplexing
c) Address decoding
d) Bus contention

5. The data stored in a group of bits is called ____________
a) Nibble
b) Word
c) Byte
d) Address

6. Each word stored in a memory location is represented by ____________
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Storage class
d) Address

7. One of the most important specifications on magnetic media is the ____________
a) Polarity reversal rate
b) Tracks per inch
c) Data transfer rate
d) Rotation speed

8. The capacity of a memory unit is ____________
a) The number of binary input stored
b) The number of words stored
c) The number of bytes stored
d) All of the Mentioned

9. A memory is a collection of ____________
a) Unit cells
b) Storage cells
c) Data cells
d) Binary cells

10. The group of each 8-bit is called ____________
a) Nibble
b) Flag
c) Byte
d) Word

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