Introduction to Hardware Description Language MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Introduction to Hardware Description Language”.

1. The full form of VHDL is _____________
a) Very High Descriptive Language
b) Verilog Hardware Description Language
c) Variable Definition Language
d) None of the Mentioned

2. VHSIC stands for _____________
a) Very High Speed Integrated Circuits
b) Very Higher Speed Integration Circuits
c) Variable High Speed Integrated Circuits
d) Variable Higher Speed Integration Circuits

3. The full form of HDL is _________________
a) Higher Descriptive Language
b) Higher Definition Language
c) Hardware Description Language
d) High Descriptive Language

4. VHDL is being used for _____________
a) Documentation
b) Verification
c) Synthesis of large digital design
d) All of the Mentioned

5. At high frequencies when the sampling interval is too long in a frequency counter _____________
a) The counter works fine
b) The counter undercounts the frequency
c) The measurement is less precise
d) The counter overflows

6. In an HDL application of a stepper motor, what is done next after an up/down counter is built?
a) Build the sequencer
b) Test it on a simulator
c) Test the decoder
d) Design an intermediate integer variable

7. The use of VHDL can be done in _____ ways.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

8. The output frequency related to the sampling interval of a frequency counter as _____________
a) Directly with the sampling interval
b) Inversely with the sampling interval
c) More precision with longer sampling interval
d) Less precision with longer sampling interval

9. In a digital clock application, the basic frequency must be divided down as _____________
a) 1 Hz
b) 60 Hz
c) 100 Hz
d) 1000 Hz

10. When a key is pressed, what does the ring counter in the HDL keypad application do?
a) Count to find the row
b) Freeze
c) Count to find the column
d) Start the D flip-flop

11. In the keypad application, the preset state of the ring counter define _____________
a) The NANDing of the columns
b) The NANDing of the rows
c) The proper output of the column encoder
d) The proper output of the row encoder

12. What does the data signal do in the keypad application?
a) The row and column encoded data
b) The ring encoded data
c) The freeze locator data
d) The ring counter data

13. A step which should be followed in project management is known as _____________
a) Overall definition
b) System documentation
c) Synthesis and testing
d) System integration

14. A major block which is not a part of an HDL frequency counter _____________
a) Timing and control unit
b) Decoder/display
c) Display register
d) Bit shifter

15. A stepper motor HDL application must include _____________
a) Sequencers and multiplexers
b) Types and bits
c) Counters and decoders
d) Variables and processes

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