Introduction to Oscillator MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Introduction to Oscillator”.

1. Oscillator __________ an AC input for giving an AC output.
a) Doesn’t need
b) Need
c) Doesn’t need at lower frequencies
d) Doesn’t need at higher frequencies

2. Negative resistance are incorporated in oscillator for ___________
a) Sustained oscillation
b) Damped oscillation
c) Biasing the oscillator
d) Increasing amplitude of oscillation

3. Oscillators are used to ______ AC voltage.
a) Prevent
b) Generate
c) Amplify
d) Rectify

4. For accomplishing negative resistance in oscillator we use _____________
a) Voltage divider circuit
b) Negative feedback
c) Positive feedback
d) Current divider circuit

5. The AC power of output signal is obtained by ___________
a) Input AC voltage
b) Input DC voltage
c) DC biasing voltage
d) Power is generated by transistor itself

6. The output waveform of a stable oscillator have ___________
a) Constant frequency at low amplitude only
b) Constant frequency at high amplitude only
c) Variable frequency
d) Constant frequency

7. Primary trigger for oscillation is obtained from ___________
a) DC voltage
b) Noise voltage
c) External trigger voltage
d) No trigger is required

8. The output of a stable oscillator have ___________
a) Constant amplitude
b) Varying amplitude
c) Constant amplitude at high frequencies only
d) Constant amplitude at low frequencies only

9. In an oscillator if phase of feedback is same as that of oscillation waveform then feedback is called ___________
a) Positive feedback
b) Negative feedback
c) Cannot be predicted
d) Either positive or negative depending upon frequency

10. The output of oscillator will not depend upon ___________
a) Feedback
b) Amplifier
c) Both feedback and amplifier
d) Input voltage

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