Jasmeet’s A Marketer For Healthcare Brand Pharma Unite. She’s Been Asked To Oversee A Google App Campaign That Started Running Two Months Ago, And She Learns The Assets Haven’t Been Updated Since Launch. What Two Things Should Jasmeet Do Next? (Choose Two.)

Here is the answer of the question: Jasmeet’s a marketer for healthcare brand Pharma Unite. She’s been asked to oversee a Google App campaign that started running two months ago, and she learns the assets haven’t been updated since launch. What two things should Jasmeet do next? (Choose two.)

  • Review the asset report, but wait another two months before taking action – it’s too soon to know how well the existing assets are performing.
  • Review the campaign’s existing assets to see if enough types and sizes exist for good ad coverage, and if the existing assets meet the recommended standards for quality.
  • Review the asset report as a frame of reference, then immediately remove all existing assets and start fresh with new ones. After two months, the existing assets are stale and need to be replaced.
  • Review the asset report to see which assets are low-performing, and gradually swap them out for new ones.

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