Karnaugh Map MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Karnaugh Map”.

1. There are ______ cells in a 4-variable K-map.
a) 12
b) 16
c) 18
d) 8

2. The K-map based Boolean reduction is based on the following Unifying Theorem: A + A’ = 1.
a) Impact
b) Non Impact
c) Force
d) Complementarity

3. A Karnaugh map (K-map) is an abstract form of ____________ diagram organized as a matrix of squares.
a) Venn Diagram
b) Cycle Diagram
c) Block diagram
d) Triangular Diagram

4. Each product term of a group, w’.x.y’ and w.y, represents the ____________ in that group.
a) Input
b) POS
c) Sum-of-Minterms
d) Sum of Maxterms

5. Product-of-Sums expressions can be implemented using ___________
a) 2-level OR-AND logic circuits
b) 2-level NOR logic circuits
c) 2-level XOR logic circuits
d) Both 2-level OR-AND and NOR logic circuits

6. Don’t care conditions can be used for simplifying Boolean expressions in ___________
a) Registers
b) Terms
c) K-maps
d) Latches

7. The prime implicant which has at least one element that is not present in any other implicant is known as ___________
a) Essential Prime Implicant
b) Implicant
c) Complement
d) Prime Complement

8. Each group of adjacent Minterms (group size in powers of twos) corresponds to a possible product term of the given ___________
a) Function
b) Value
c) Set
d) Word

9. It should be kept in mind that don’t care terms should be used along with the terms that are present in ___________
a) Minterms
b) Expressions
c) K-Map
d) Latches

10. There are many situations in logic design in which simplification of logic expression is possible in terms of XOR and _________________ operations.
a) X-NOR
b) XOR
c) NOR

11. In case of XOR/XNOR simplification we have to look for the following _______________
a) Diagonal Adjacencies
b) Offset Adjacencies
c) Straight Adjacencies
d) Both diagonal and offset adjencies

12. Using the transformation method you can realize any POS realization of OR-AND with only.
a) XOR
c) AND
d) NOR

13. These logic gates are widely used in _______________ design and therefore are available in IC form.
a) Sampling
b) Digital
c) Analog
d) Systems

14. Entries known as _______________ mapping.
a) Diagonal
b) Straight
c) K
d) Boolean

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