Kirchhoff’s Current Law MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Kirchhoff’s Current Law”.

1. The current law represents a mathematical statement of fact that ___________
a) voltage cannot accumulate at node
b) charge cannot accumulate at node
c) charge at the node is infinite
d) none of the mentioned

2. Kirchhoff’s current law is applied at ___________
a) loops
b) nodes
c) both loop and node
d) none of the mentioned

3. Kirchhoff’s Current law is based on the law of conservation of ___________
a) energy
b) momentum
c) mass
d) charge

4. Determine the current in all resistors in the circuit shown below.


a) 2A, 4A, 11A
b) 5A, 4.8A, 9.6A
c) 9.3A, 20.22A, 11A
d) 10.56A, 24.65A, 14.79A

5. Determine the current through the resistor R3 shown in the figure using KCL.


a) 25mA
b) 10mA
c) 20mA
d) 35mA

6. Kirchhof’s current law can be mathematically stated as ___________
a) ∑k=0n I = 0
b) i2k=0n I = 0
c) i∑k=0n I = 0
d) none of the mentioned

7. For the circuit below , find the voltage across 5Ω resistor and the current through it.


a) 1.93 V
b) 2.83 V
c) 3.5 V
d) 5.7 V

8. Find the current i3 in the circuit shown below.


a) 2A
b) 1A
c) 3A
d) 0.5A

9. Determine the current if a 20 coulomb charge passes a point in 0.25 seconds.
a) 10 A
b) 20 A
c) 2 A
d) 80 A

10. Find the current through the branch containing resistance R3.


a) 2A
b) 3.25A
c) 2A
d) 2.75A

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