Kirchhoff’s Laws MCQ’s

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Kirchhoff’s Laws”.

1. Relation between currents according to KCL is


a) i1=i2=i3=i4=i5
b) i1+i4+i3=i5+i2
c) i1-i5=i2-i3-i4
d) i1+i5=i2+i3+i4

2. The algebraic sum of voltages around any closed path in a network is equal to ____________
a) Infinity
b) 1
c) 0
d) Negative polarity

3.KCL is based on the fact that
a) There is a possibility for a node to store energy.
b) There cannot be an accumulation of charge at a node.
c) Charge accumulation is possible at node
d) Charge accumulation may or may not be possible.



Calculate potential difference between x and y
a) 4.275v
b) -4.275v
c) 4.527v
d) -4.527v

5. Determine currents I1 , I2 and I3.


a) -3.3A, -8.5A, 2.4A
b) 3A, -8A, 2A
c) 3.3A, 8.5A, -2.4A
d) 3.2A, 8.6A, 2.3A



Solve for I.
a) -0.5A
b) 0.5A
c) -0.2A
d) 0.2A



Find R
a) 17.5 Ω
b) 17.2 Ω
c) 17.4 Ω
d) 17.8 Ω

8. All _____________ are loops but _______________ are not meshes
a) Loops, Meshes
b) Meshes, loops
c) Branches, loops
d) Nodes, Branches

9. The basic laws for analyzing an electric circuit are :-
a) Einstein’s theory
b) Newtons laws
c) Kirchhoff’s laws
d) Faradays laws

10. A junction whell two (or) more than two network elements meet is known as a ______________
a) Node
b) Branch
c) Loop
d) Mesh

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