Linear Approximation of Nonlinear Systems MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Linear Approximation of Nonlinear Systems”.

1. In a stable control system backlash can cause which of the following?
a) Underdamping
b) Overdamping
c) Poor stability at reduced values of open loop gain
d) Low-level oscillations

2. In an automatic control system which of the following elements is not used?
a) Error detector
b) Final control element
c) Sensor
d) Oscillator

3. Due to which of the following reasons excessive band width in control systems should be avoided?
a) It leads to slow speed of response
b) It leads to low relative stability
c) Noise is proportional to bandwidth
d) Presence of feedback

4. In a control system the output of the controller is given to
a) Final control element
b) Amplifier
c) Comparator
d) Sensor

5. Which of the following is the input to a controller?
a) Servo signal
b) Desired variable value
c) Error signal
d) Sensed signal

6. The capacitance, in force-current analogy, is analogous to
a) Momentum
b) Velocity
c) Displacement
d) Mass

7. A controller, essentially, is a
a) Sensor
b) Clipper
c) Comparator
d) Amplifier

8. The on-off controller is a _____ system.
a) Digital
b) Linear
c) Non-linear
d) Discontinuous

9. The temperature, under thermal and electrical system analogy, is considered analogous to
a) Voltage
b) Current
c) Capacitance
d) Charge

10. The use of feedback element in the feedback loop is:
a) It converts the output variable ‘c’ to another suitable feedback variable ‘b’ to compare with the input command signal.
b) It is the actuating element
c) To increase the stability
d) None of the mentioned

11. Practically all the elements are:
a) Linear
b) Non-linear
c) Exponential
d) None of the mentioned

12. In electrical-pneumatic system analogy the current is considered analogous to
a) Velocity
b) Pressure
c) Air flow
d) Air flow rate

13. The major components of a controller are:
a) Control element
b) Error detector and control element
c) Feedback element
d) Error detector and feedback element

14. The need of assuming non-linear element as linear:
a) Simplicity of analysis and accuracy of results
b) Ease of calculations
c) Less time consuming
d) Mathematical tool available

15. A non-linear element can be treated as the linear element.
a) True
b) False

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