Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Linux”.

1. Who started Linux first as a personal project?
a) Linus Torvalds
b) Ken Thompson
c) Dennis Ritchie
d) John Dell

2. Which of the following is similar to UNIX OS?
a) Windows NT
c) Linux
d) Windows 3.1

3. Who had first described UNIX in an article?
a) Ken Thompson
b) Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson
c) Dennis Ritchie
d) Linus Torvalds

4. What does MULTICS stand for?
a) multiplexed information and computing service
b) multiplexed information and code service
c) multiplexed inter-access code service
d) multiplexed inter-code sensor

5. Which of the following is the first version of the UNIX operating system?
a) PDP-2
b) Linux
d) PDP-7

6. Which of the following is a UNIX clone?
b) Windows 3.1
c) Windows NT
d) Linux

7. Which of the following is an alternate source of UNIX?
b) Windows 3.1
c) Windows NT
d) Linux

8. Which of the following are grouped into directories and subdirectories?
a) register
b) memory
c) files
d) routines

9. Which character is known as a root directory?
a) ^
b) &
c) &&
d) /

10. How many types of Linux files are typically used?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

11. Which filesystem of Linux has mass storage devices?
a) physical file system
b) temporary file system
c) ram
d) register

12. Which file type of Linux has no restriction on size and can have any kind of data?
a) special
b) regular
c) directories
d) named pipes

13. Which file type of Linux is similar to the regular file type?
a) named pipe
b) directories
c) regular file
d) special file

14. Which file type of the Linux hold lists of files rather than the actual data?
a) regular
b) special
c) directories
d) named pipes

15. Which filesystem of the Linux can be implemented on a system with two hard disks?
a) logical file system
b) physical file system
c) special file type system
d) regular file type system

16. Which directory is allocated on the hard disk 1 of the physical storage in a Linux operating system?
a) term
b) dev
c) etc
d) bin

17. Which process defines the allocation of the mass storage to the logical file system?
a) mounting
b) de-allocation
c) demounting
d) unmounting

18. Which commands can be used to access the removable media?
a) system calls
b) loop instruction
c) mount and unmount command
d) procedure commands

19. Which target directory is used in the file system of the Linux operating system?
a) /mnt
b) /etc
c) /term
d) /bin

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