Master-Slave Flip-Flops MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Master-Slave Flip-Flops”.

1. Input clock of RS flip-flop is given to ____________
a) Input
b) Pulser
c) Output
d) Master slave flip-flop

2. D flip-flop is a circuit having ____________
a) 2 NAND gates
b) 3 NAND gates
c) 4 NAND gates
d) 5 NAND gates

3. The asynchronous input can be used to set the flip-flop to the ____________
a) 1 state
b) 0 state
c) either 1 or 0 state
d) forbidden State

4. In JK flip flop same input, i.e. at a particular time or during a clock pulse, the output will oscillate back and forth between 0 and 1. At the end of the clock pulse the value of output Q is uncertain. The situation is referred to as?
a) Conversion condition
b) Race around condition
c) Lock out state
d) Forbidden State

5. In a positive edge triggered JK flip flop, a low J and low K produces?
a) High state
b) Low state
c) Toggle state
d) No Change State

6. S-R type flip-flop can be converted into D type flip-flop if S is connected to R through ____________
a) OR Gate
b) AND Gate
c) Inverter
d) Full Adder

7. Master slave flip flop is also referred to as?
a) Level triggered flip flop
b) Pulse triggered flip flop
c) Edge triggered flip flop
d) Edge-Level triggered flip flop

8. If one wants to design a binary counter, the preferred type of flip-flop is ____________
a) D type
b) S-R type
c) Latch
d) J-K type

9. Which of the following flip-flops is free from the race around the problem?
a) T flip-flop
b) SR flip-flop
c) Master-Slave Flip-flop
d) D flip-flop

10. How many types of triggering take place in a flip flops?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 5

11. The term synchronous means ____________
a) The output changes state only when any of the input is triggered
b) The output changes state only when the clock input is triggered
c) The output changes state only when the input is reversed
d) The output changes state only when the input follows it

12. Which of the following is the Universal Flip-flop?
a) S-R flip-flop
b) J-K flip-flop
c) Master slave flip-flop
d) D Flip-flop

13. Flip-flops are ____________
a) Stable devices
b) Astable devices
c) Bistable devices
d) Monostable devices

14. The S-R, J-K and D inputs are called ____________
a) Asynchronous inputs
b) Synchronous inputs
c) Bidirectional inputs
d) Unidirectional inputs

15. The circuit that generates a spike in response to a momentary change of input signal is called ____________
a) R-C differentiator circuit
b) L-R differentiator circuit
c) R-C integrator circuit
d) L-R integrator circuit

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