Maximum Power Transfer and Superposition MCQ’s

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Maximum Power Transfer and Superposition”.

1. In a network maximum power transfer occurs when __________
a) RTh= -RL
b) RTh/RL =0
c) RTh= RL
d) RTh+RL= 1

2. Maximum power in terms of the thevenin’s voltage and load resistance __________
a) (VTh) 2 /4RL
b) (VTh) 2 *4RL
c) (VTh) 2 +4RL
d) 4RL/ (VTh) 2

3. Which of the following is the example to describe the efficiency of power transfer?
a) Communication systems
b) Power utility systems
c) Instrumentation systems
d) Telecom systems

4. Calculate the maximum power delivered across RL of the circuit given.


a) 900W
b) 1025W
c) 2025W
d) 1500W

5. The Superposition principle is obeyed by ____________
a) Linear networks
b) Non-linear networks
c) Lateral networks
d) Trilateral networks

6. Find the current in the 3Ω resistor of the given network using Superposition principle.


a) 2.5A
b) 3.125A
c) 6.525A
d) 5.625A

7. Determine the maximum power delivered to the load in the network given.


a) 4.68W
b) 5.75W
c) 3.16W
d) 6.84W

8. According to Superposition principle response in one element is the algebraic sum of responses by individual sources acting alone.
a) False
b) True

9. Find the current in 5Ω resistor near 12V source using superposition principle in network given


a) 2.9A
b) -2.9A
c) 1A
d) -1A

10. Find the current in the 1Ω resistor of the given circuit.


a) 4A
b) 1.33A
c) 2A
d) 0.66A

11. Calculate the maximum power delivered to load in the network given.


a) 1.56W
b) 1.66W
c) 2.33W
d) 2.79W

12. If there are 5 sources in a network out of which 3 are dependent and 2 are independent. For superposition principle ___________ sources are considered.
a) 5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 0

13. Find the value of RL in given circuit.


a) 4Ω
b) 5Ω
c) 3Ω
d) 1.66Ω

14. In AC networks, maximum power is delivered when __________
a) ZL*ZS*=0
b) ZL+ZS*=1
c) ZL=-ZS*
d) ZL=ZS*

15. Superposition principle states that at a time __________ source(S) acts.
a) All the given sources
b) Only voltage sources
c) Only one source
d) Only current sources

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