Maximum Power Transfer Theorem MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Maximum Power Transfer Theorem”.

1. If source impedance is complex, then maximum power transfer occurs when the load impedance is _______ the source impedance.
a) equal to
b) negative of
c) complex conjugate of
d) negative of complex conjugate of

2. If the source impedance is complex, then the condition for maximum power transfer is?
a) ZL = ZS
b) ZL = ZS*
c) ZL = -ZS
d) ZL = -ZS*

3. The maximum power is delivered from a source to its load when the load resistance is ______ the source resistance.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) less than or equal to

4. If ZL = ZS*, then?
a) RL = 1
b) RL = 0
c) RL = -RS
d) RL = RS

5. In the circuit shown below, find the value of load impedance for which source delivers maximum power.


a) 15-j20
b) 15+j20
c) 20-j15
d) 20+j15

6. The maximum power delivered by the source in the below circuit shown?


a) 39.33
b) 40.33
c) 41.33
d) 42.33

7. For ZL = ZS*, the relation between XL and XS is?
a) XL = XS
b) XL = 0
c) XL = 1
d) XL = -XS

8. What is the load current in the following circuit?


a) 1.66∠90⁰
b) 1.66∠0⁰
c) 2.66∠0⁰
d) 2.66∠90⁰

9. For the circuit shown, the resistance R is variable from 2Ω to 50Ω. What value of RS results in maximum power transfer across terminals ‘ab’.


a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

10. Find the maximum power delivered by the source in the following circuit.


a) 96.6
b) 97.6
c) 98.6
d) 99.6

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