This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Megger”.

Megger is an electrical instrument used to determine the range of resistances between zero to infinity. Initially, the pointer is at the infinite position, it gets deflected when an emf is generated from infinity to zero, which depends on Ohm’s law.

1. High resistances are of the order of __________
a) 0.1 Mῼ
b) 10 mῼ
c) 1 kῼ
d) 10 Gῼ

2. Megger is a ________
a) source of e.m.f
b) source to measure high resistance
c) type of a null detector
d) current carrier

3. Megger is also used for ________
a) providing additional e.m.f
b) bridge balance
c) testing insulation resistance
d) controlling the temperature

4. Megger works on the principle of ________
a) kirchhoff’s current laws
b) ohm’s law
c) gauss’s law
d) electromagnetic induction

5. The role of the permanent magnet in a megger is to ________
a) provide field
b) provide voltage
c) generate power
d) balance the circuit

6. A guard ring is provided in a megger to ________
a) protect the circuit
b) eliminate error
c) reduce current flow
d) limit the temperature rise

7. The supply to the megger is given by ________
a) ac motor
b) ac generator
c) permanent magnet dc motor
d) dc generator

8. The moving element of the ohmmeter in a megger consists of ________
a) 1 coil
b) 4 coils
c) 3 coils
d) 10 coils

9. The role of the compensating coil in a megger is ________
a) reduce current
b) increase voltage
c) control temperature
d) scaling

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