Modulation Using Non-Linear Devices (Balanced Modulator) MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Modulation Using Non-Linear Devices (Balanced Modulator)”.

1. Signal to Noise ratio for a hi-fi system is equal to ________
a) 50 dB
b) 100 dB
c) 75 dB
d) 10 dB

2. What is the use of SSB?
a) It has lesser bandwidth
b) It has large bandwidth
c) It has infinite bandwidth
d) It has zero bandwidth

3. The approximate aspect ratio for television is ________
a) 2 : 1
b) 3 : 2
c) 4 : 3
d) 3 : 4

4. Approximate how many times odd and even fields of television system are scanned?
a) 25 times each
b) 50 times each
c) 50 times each but alternately
d) 25 times each but alternately

5. If the spectrum of a narrow band noise is symmetrical and it has a power density spectrum 4×10-6. Power density of quadrature component is ________
a) 2 x 10-6
b) 5 x 10-6
c) 3 x 10-6
d) 4 x 10-6

6. If a FM signal having modulation index mf is passed through a frequency tripler, then the modulation index of output of frequency tripler is ________
a) mf
b) 3mf
c) 13 mf
d) 19 mf

7. Any signal and its Hilbert transform have same energy density spectrum.
a) True
b) False

8. What is the capacitive reactance for DC signals?
a) zero
b) very low
c) equal to one
d) infinite

9. What are the two major drawbacks of delta modulation?
a) Slope Overload and Granular noise
b) Slope Overload and Serration noise
c) Serration noise and Granular noise
d) Slope Overload and Channel Noise

10. Beam width of antenna is expressed in ________
a) metres
b) degrees
c) radian
d) volt

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