MOS Digital Integrated Circuits MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “MOS Digital Integrated Circuits”.

1. What are the types of MOSFET devices available?
a) P-type enhancement type MOSFET
b) N-type enhancement type MOSFET
c) Depletion type MOSFET
d) All of the mentioned

2. Which insulating layer used in the fabrication of MOSFET?
a) Aluminium oxide
b) Silicon Nitride
c) Silicon dioxide
d) Aluminium Nitrate

3. The full form of MOS is ___________
a) Metal oxide semiconductor
b) Metal oxygen semiconductor
c) Metallic oxide semiconductor
d) Metallic oxygen semiconductor

4. Which of the following plays an important role in improving the device performance of MOSFET?
a) Dielectric constant
b) Threshold voltage
c) Power supply voltage
d) Gate to drain voltage

5. What is used to higher the speed of operation in MOSFET fabrication?
a) Ceramic gate
b) Silicon dioxide
c) Silicon nitride
d) Poly silicon gate

6. Why MOSFET is preferred over BJT in IC components?
a) MOSFET has low packing density
b) MOSFET has medium packing density
c) MOSFET has high packing density
d) MOSFET has no packing density

7. A technique used to reduce the magnitude of threshold voltage of MOSFET is the ___________
a) Use of complementary MOSFET
b) Use of Silicon nitride
c) Using thin film technology
d) Increasing potential of the channel

8. Find the sequence of steps involved in fabrication of poly silicon gate MOSFET?

Step 1: Entire wafer surface of a Si3N4 is coated and is etched away with the help of mask to include
source, gate and drain.
Step 2: The contact areas are defined using photolithographic process.
Step 3: Selective etching of Si3N4 and growth of thin oxide.
Step 4: The deposition of poly silicon gate.
Step 5: The growth of thick oxide is called field oxide and P implantation.
Step 6: The metallization and interconnection between substrate and source.

a) 1->5->3->4->2->6
b) 1->3->4->2->5->6
c) 1->5->4->3->2->6
d) 1->4->2->5->3->6

9. Critical defects per unit chip area are ________ for a MOS transistor.
a) High
b) Low
c) Neutral
d) Very High

10. MOS is being used in ___________
a) LSI
c) MSI
d) Both LSI and VLSI

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